Day laborers are shedding light on the crisis situation of undocumented and excluded workers, who often face threats of deportation and intimidation by employers, and they are making the message clear to the Biden Administration.

In this time of pandemic emergency, these dedicated essential workers are exploited and demeaned. Workers who call out unsafe conditions and workplace mistreatment face intimidation tactics from malicious and greedy employers. The threat of deportation enables unrestrained abuse against day laborers, factory and delivery workers, street vendors, domestic workers, and other vulnerable populations.

Labor is essential work. We cannot silently wait for the Biden administration’s promises to manifest reform and justice for these workers in a bipartisan Congress. We need work authorization. We need protection for whistleblowers. We need COVID-19 relief. We must act NOW!
#DALE  #YNosotrosQue  #AllLaborIsEssential  

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