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Haitian Children Face Deportation – November 25, 2020 Rally

23 Black and Brown Families Face Illegal Deportation During The Holidays

A total of twenty eight Black and Brown children and their families, who have been detained in immigrant family prisons for the entirety of the pandemic, are being fast tracked by ICE for deportation. These deportations are illegal as well as immoral. 

Emergency Rallies to Stop the Deportations
Wednesday, Nov 25th at 12 p.m.

Philadelphia ICE office – 114 N 8th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Berks – 1040 Berks Rd, Leesport, PA 19533


Two of these families are held here in Pennsylvania. Deporting families who are seeking refuge right before Thanksgiving, is the definition of un-American. These families, who have exercised their right to migrate and seek asylum, are now facing rushed and illegal deportations to their deaths.

One mother now incarcerated at the Berks family prison fled Haiti because of political and sexual violence, including a brutal rap while pregnant, which caused the miscarriage of her unborn child. Another person’s entire family was gunned down by the Haitian government and was only able to escape because they were believed to have died in the attack.

The US immigration system has been targeting and abusing immigrants for decades, disproportionately targeting Black immigrants. The actions by ICE are not new to this country, however the escalation is particularly inhumane under the current lame duck presidency. Today, just two days before the holidays, ICE hastily deported an unknown number of Haitian families, and in October alone ICE deported 1,300 families to Haiti in what advocates are now calling Death Flights.

Before you join the rally, call the ICE at 214-918-4822 and email and tell her not to deport the 23 families.

We can not let ICE continue to attack and terrorize our communities. We will hold them accountable and demand that the incoming Biden administration go farther than undoing Trump’s policies, it must dismantle the deportation machine, by ending family separation, family and immigrant detention and stopping all deportations.

#ShutDownBerks #SaveThe28 #Not1MoreDeportation #BlackLivesMatter

In Solidarity, 
The Shut Down Berks Coalition