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People across the country are rallying against the current administration’s policy of separating children from their parents who seek asylum in the United States. On Thursday, June 13, New Jersey residents gathered outside of Representative Chris Smith’s office in Freehold to demand action.

Casa Freehold’s Executive Director, Rita Dentino, summarized the situation for those in attendance and asked that we imagine, for a moment, what it would be like to live through such experience.

Families Belong Together

Casa Freehold is appalled at the separation of children from their parents at our Southern border. We are part of a national campaign demanding that this practice end, that parents and children be reunited, and that those seeking asylum be allowed to move forward with their cases.

Please support this campaign, which includes the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the ACLU, United We Dream, Move On, and Moms Rising. Grassroots organizations like ourselves continue to welcome refugee families. Four have arrived in the past few weeks.

For more information, go to We Belong Together.

Women for Common Sense Immigration Policies

Support Immigrant Students

Winning in-state tuition for all New Jersey residents regardless of immigration status was an important victory. Now we must take the next step of enabling all New Jersey students to apply for state financial aid. The New Jersey State Senate and Assembly are considering legislation that will give equal access to higher education. Click on this link to sign the petition to support New Jersey Senate and Assembly bills S699/A3467.

Let’s Drive NJ Campaign

As part of its focus on Public Safety and Protections, the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice works to expand applications for driver’s licenses within the immigrants community:

“In New Jersey, driving is a necessity of life, but for immigrant families, driving to work or to dropping one’s children at school can lead to deportation. Permitting all New Jerseyans who are qualified and eligible to drive —regardless of immigration status— to apply for driver’s licenses would make New Jersey’s roads and highways safer, strengthen our economy and increase the wellbeing of our families.”

The Alliance will have a Let’s Drive NJ campaign in support of the New Jersey Safe and Responsible Driver Act. Join the campaign launch with Assemblywoman Annette Quijano on January 11, 2018, at Snyder Academy, 42 Broad Street, Elizabeth.

Unidos por Puerto Rico

Some of you have asked Casa Freehold about the best way to help Puerto Rico. We reached out to Angel L. Matos and his wife, Mary Ruiz-Matos, who worked hard for the people of Monmouth County for many years and who currently reside in Puerto Rico. Unidos Por Puerto Rico was recommended to us.

Angel wrote: “Thanks to everyone that continues to support and fund our recovery, especially those less fortunate and with few or no resources. I personally like the Unidos Por Puerto Rico effort given their record so far. There are many worthy organizations involved and, as usual, they should all be vetted for integrity. Here’s their FB page.”